Cotton Candy Machine

What’s a better way of adding a little fun to an event than to add a cotton candy or snow cone machine.  These two machines along with the popcorn and nacho machine can add to a birthday, school carnivals, or company parties. All of our machines are compact making it convenient for transportation.

We also have cotton candy flavors, cones, and bags available. Flavor packets are to be added to 10lbs of sugar and can make about 100 cones per bag.



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Auto Breeze Cotton Candy Machine - $80.00

Cotton Candy Cones (per cone) - $0.09

Cotton Candy Bags (100 count) - $13.95

Blue Raspberry Flavor Packet - $2.00

Cherry Flavor Packet - $2.00

Grape Flavor Packet - $2.00

Pink Vanilla Flavor Packet - $2.00

Strawberry Flavor Packet - $2.00

Watermelon Flavor Packet - $2.00