Photo Booth

Entertain your guests and create lasting memories with the most amazing Photo Booth in Alaska! It’s a must have for any event. This is not just any ordinary Photo Booth. It will be completely CUSTOMIZED for your event, it can post photos to your guest’s Facebook and Instagram*pages, it records LIVE VIDEO MESSAGES from your guests that you can keep forever, and photo printing is COMPLETELY UNLIMITED during your 4 hour package!

Beside its ability to print classic double strips of photos faster than any other photo booth (under 8 seconds), we can customize your Photo Booth rental for full size 4” x 6” prints with ANY PHOTO LAYOUT you’d like. Additionally, your guests will be able to select BLACK AND WHITE PHOTOS, or COLOR PHOTOS right from the massive 19” full color touch screen display inside the booth. This is no simple arcade-style booth with buttons, or a camera behind a curtain.  Your guests can even post their pictures directly to Facebook and Instagram*, right from the Photo Booth. Then, they can instantly request another print of photos, and also E-MAIL their photos to themselves for future use. Now this is where our Photo Booth really shines: Your guests can also record LIVE VIDEO MESSAGES to you right from the booth!  Imagine a personal message from each of your guests that captures the happiness and excitement of your event, for you to share and enjoy for years to come.  At the end of the party, all of the photos and videos are compiled and given to you on a USB thumb drive before you say goodnight!  That’s right, all the memories of the evening will be prepared for you immediately, and there’s no additional costs or copyright fees to print more photos - you OWN the rights to EVERYTHING (and you should, it was YOUR event anyway, right?). This is truly the most amazing photo booth in Alaska. Reserve it for your event today!

Here’s a recap of features for you to compare our Photo Booth to the others:

~ Complete Customization of Photos - Backgrounds, Layout (Yep, EVERYTHING)
~ U N L I M I T E D   Photo Printing
~ Package Includes 4 Hours (Additional Time Available)
~ Photo Booth Attendant Included (He’s a pretty fun guy, too!)
~ Massive Selection of Props
~ Facebook and Instagram instant upload with internet 
~ E-mail Your Photos
~ Record LIVE VIDEO MESSAGES (Seriously, to be any more amazing this would also need to be a time machine…but…it’s not; so…record a VIDEO!)
~ Everything Goes Home With YOU on a USB Drive at the End of the Night

Our photo booth package includes UNLIMITED PHOTOS, an attendant for the duration of the event (4 hours), and a massive prop box full of fun hats, goofy glasses, mustaches/eyeglasses/lips on a stick, feather boas, and more!  Our customers are often having so much fun in the Photo Booth, that 4 hours is not quite enough.  If you’d like to extend the Photo Booth rental beyond 4 hours, you can do that at any time for an additional charge of $100 for each additional hour.

*Must have internet connection available for real-time Face Book posts.

4 Hour Unlimited Photo Booth Package - $895